Environmentally Positive Planning

I have learnt SO MUCH about this in the last three years, not all of it very easy to talk about. What I do know is that some very small changes can make a HUGE difference to the impact of cremations, funerals and generally at end of life.

There is really too much information, so I’m putting a book together on this topic, and will share excerpts as I go along, I know that even while we made the most environmentally positive choices we could, I would still do it a little differently with what I’ve learnt since.

Here is some food for thought, I’ll be writing on all these issues

– feel free to let me know of more if you need information.

*Ethical options for pre-paid plans and insurance

*Funerals & Wakes, small changes that make a difference

*Burial, Cremation and new alternatives, their impact and how they work

*Coffins & Urns, the sustainable options and questions to ask

*Creating memorials

*Traditions and how to manage them

*Transportation options