B is for Binge…

Going on a binge of some kind isn’t unusual. You may already have done so. Extremes of experience often lead to extremes of behaviour. And that’s quite normal. When under stress we are likely to reach for those things that bring us any kind of relief. Usually, the quicker the better. This is a time when being self-aware, or having … Read More

Brew Monday or Ups and Downs

Blue Monday is all a load of bollocks. Ups and downs are completely normal in life, let alone in grief. Blue Monday was actually a very fancy marketing ploy by the travel industry… Brew Monday is rather lovely, it’s run by The Samaritans to focus on how we can help each other by having a cuppa (something we heavily promote … Read More

Getting Dressed

It sounds so simple, but getting dressed can be the hardest task in the world some mornings. It’s impossible on Stormy Days, but on a Cloudy Day, this is how I get it done. First… I became aware I was not taking care of myself properly, when I noticed the same behaviour in my children. It was an unpleasant realisation, … Read More

Foodie Fun

I lovely friend sent us something they had found truly helpful, after the death of their partner. It changed things for me too, so maybe it’s a thing. Awareness Days MyLegoman creates a ‘Foodie Day’s’ Calendar each year. It’s bright and fun, as well as genuinely interesting. The reason I’ve found it helpful in grief, is that for little effort … Read More

Cloudy Caring

I had a cloudy day this week, it was out of the blue and I knew pretty quickly that I was in a cloudy mood. These can be tricky as they are not bad enough that we can stay in bed and call on our emergency resources. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognise them and do what we can … Read More

Cloudy Days Planner

These are the days when everything is an uphill struggle, when it’s hard to talk or walk, but you do anyway.

When Food isn’t Food

One of the most practical and physical ways people have supported us is by keeping us fed. At first this was done by family who were staying with us, preparing lunches and dinners many of which were never touched. It was checking we had at least had a drink that day (you can read about our relationship with tea during … Read More