The Rebel Badge Club

I’m the first to admit, I’ve not been taking great care of myself. The Rebel Badge Club has been a refreshing way to focus on me, in short spurts. I found the Rebel Badge Club quite by accident. A friend online made a passing comment to it when I talked about being motivated by stickers. I’ve come to a place … Read More

Foodie Fun

I lovely friend sent us something they had found truly helpful, after the death of their partner. It changed things for me too, so maybe it’s a thing. Awareness Days MyLegoman creates a ‘Foodie Day’s’ Calendar each year. It’s bright and fun, as well as genuinely interesting. The reason I’ve found it helpful in grief, is that for little effort … Read More

International Women’s Day 2022

My mental load is heavy right now… I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to share today. I’m quite likely to go off-road… Yay Women! While I applaud all the posts on amazing women and their excellent contributions to so many essential walks of life. I’d prefer to talk about ‘ordinary’ women. Also, I sometimes feel crippled by the inaction … Read More

Talking to Children about War

Talking to children and young people about the war in Ukraine isn’t something simple. It certainly isn’t something I was expecting to be writing about. Funnily enough, I have a War Studies degree and an MA in History, my dissertation on conflict resolution and military law… So, my kids have seen Newsround at school and heard various things in the … Read More

Grief & Assumptions

This is a rant. It will happen from time to time, a topic sends me into mental overdrive. So, here’s a stream of consciousness about gender, grief and assumptions. Boys & Girls One of the aspects of our son dying, is that we now have all girls. We already had a larger family than average, and people would often comment … Read More

Sources of Support

There are so many organisations that offer care during end of life, death and funeral planning. Where possible, go for the most specific support for your individual situation. Start with this is an umbrella organisation that lists almost every support organisation in the UK. Many will have a free helpline, some are 24hrs. You can also contact your GP … Read More


After a death, you will have to deal with people. Some you know, and some you don’t. Depending on what has happened, you may have uniformed services involved as well as family, friends, neighbours, the list can go on. Dealing with all the talking, explaining and repetition is likely to be exhausting. Here are a few ideas for dealing with … Read More

The only thing we can’t avoid…

Apparently Benjamin Franklin said the only two certainties in life were Death and Taxes. As it seems not everyone pays their taxes, I guess that leaves us with Death. It’s the only common experience, one we cannot avoid – humans, animals and even trees that may live for thousands of years. Given all this certainty, and that everyone we know … Read More