Plans for 2023

A-Z in 2023 (too cheesy?). Being a little bit organised is one way I manage grief. It helps me to feel somewhat in control of the world, or at least our tiny bit of it.

Feeling in control has been a real issue for me. When the world stopped back in 2019, the harsh reality that our actions had little impact on our lives (in that moment) took the wind out of my sails. My understanding, expectations and world view shifted. It’s been a bit of a road to come to terms with this new world.

I’m not very far along… but I’m still going.

A Year of Thoughts

So, for 2023 I’m planning ahead a little. I’ve turned it into my A-Z of Grief year. This will be personal reflections of aspects of grief, things I’ve found helpful, or ideas that may help others. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

To fit in the whole alphabet over 52 weeks has needed a bit of jiggling. Not least because some letters created a raft of ideas and some… not so much. 2023 feels less scary than previous years in some respects. Work is settled, there are no changes to schools for us and the house is mostly habitable now. Long term courses have finished and the urge to be busy 100% of the time, has perhaps fallen to 95%, allowing some space for relaxation.

As a family we are learning how to manage our situation more and more. Two children and one adult are now having counselling, and the search continues for something suitable for our youngest.

It’s possible this will turn into a book at the end, we shall see how it develops….

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