Sources of Support

There are so many organisations that offer care during end of life, death and funeral planning. Where possible, go for the most specific support for your individual situation. Start with this is an umbrella organisation that lists almost every support organisation in the UK. Many will have a free helpline, some are 24hrs. You can also contact your GP … Read More

Daily Planners – Free Download

There are three options for free daily checklists, you can find them in Sunny, Cloudy and Stormy. They each reflect a healthy amount of ‘to do’ type activities for when you are experiencing that type of day… For example on Stormy Days, when things are all too much, just making sure you have regular (non-alcoholic) fluids and brush your teeth … Read More

Daily Diary – Free download

Here is a free download that can be used as a daily, weekly, or ‘as needed’ prompt. Print it out and fill it in, or just read and ponder your answers. Taking time at the end of each day, to celebrate any small victories, to plan ahead or just make a note of something to free some brain space can … Read More

Whole Year Self Care Planner

This planner holds a week to view, any year, diary – alongside self care prompts. Allowing space for ordinary ‘stuff’ and some regular check ins and suggestions for looking after yourself. Available Here

Self Care Journal

A helpful selection of ideas to promote self care, and record or doodle too. Available Here

Grief Journal

The grief journal is so you can take some time to reflect, think and plan over a period of time. It offers an opportunity to keep all your feelings and emotions in one place for a short while, perhaps around an important date or significant event when self care will become more urgent. It can also make a kind gift … Read More