I’ve been trying to find a single word to describe what I do here, but it’s hard to boil down to one thing. I have twenty years of professional training and experience in mental health recovery and personal development, including teaching, writing and lecturing. I’ve worked with kids excluded from school to forensic settings and most things in between.

Since 2019, I’m also a grieving mother – and that’s made my situation quite unique.

Putting those two aspects of my life together, has been… challenging. Knowing something to be true (training) and doing it for yourself (lived experience) isn’t quite as simple as it sounds!

More recently, I’ve been able to match my sustainable living interests with several businesses in the funeral sector who are working hard to provide environmentally positive alternatives to the traditional offering. Having had to arrange our son’s funeral, it’s a topic I’m very passionate about.

Helping to create easily understood messages about sustainable options and to share these positive practices has helped me to find some purpose. It draws on a number of skills I’ve developed over my working life, and it helps ordinary people like me, to feel better about the ways they can make positive choices in the midst of a dark time.