Sustainable Flowers

Over on Twitter, as part of #EthicalHour (Monday’s at 8pm), I was talking about sustainable flowers. The discussion is always engaging and I always learn something. It’s also been an opportunity to raise topics around bereavement and funerals especially, that people rarely think about. Problems… So many flowers we buy are imported from far and wide, the carbon footprint of … Read More

Good Questions for Being Green

As with so many aspects of ‘being green’, there is a lot of greenwashing about. This is when a product or a business tries to look better than it really is. The only way to be really happy that you are choosing an environmentally positive option, is to do your research. Find out about who is selling that thing, and … Read More

Environmentally Positive Planning

I have learnt SO MUCH about this in the last three years, not all of it very easy to talk about. What I do know is that some very small changes can make a HUGE difference to the impact of cremations, funerals and generally at end of life. There is really too much information, so I’m putting a book together … Read More