Impact Report 2023

An Impact Report for an individual always feels an odd thing to do, but I like the reflection of looking back and adding up small actions into more impressive collections of impact.

We try to balance supporting projects for both people and planet, and I’m very proud of our contribution in 2023. Not least, that in October I joined Ecologi and have made a commitment to give a percentage of my income each month to a sustainable project. You can see what I’ve been up to here Grief Sucks | Ecologi

We continue to complete a collection of something for a good cause each March to celebrate Issac’s birthday. So far we have collected Lego, Pens and Pencils and this year it’s single duvet sets for Operation Orphan. Feel free to get involved via their website. To avoid asking for money and to encourage a recycling, reusing philosophy, these collections are for pre-loved items as well as new.

Our Christmas theme is usually for a specific ‘gift’ type action. In 2023 we worked with the Buddy Bag Foundation and were able to gift them 30 filled bags all donated by people in our wonderful community of friends and family. It was an emotional delivery.

(You can see what we got up to in 2022 in this post.)