A is for Anger

Anger is a very common experience during grief, and it’s a tricky one as it can manifest in different ways. It can also lead to feelings of guilt, another doozer for all us well behaved, adaptive children to handle. If you find you experience very negative reactions to having ‘bad’ emotions like anger; I’d recommend learning about Transactional Analysis. It’s … Read More

Storm Predictions

Stormy Days are the toughest. They take energy and all good things and turn them around. Stormy Days will be the darkest days, and anything we can do ahead of them, to make them leave more quickly or take less from us, the better. If Stormy Days go on without any improvement, no matter how small or fleeting, you may … Read More

Stormy Self Care

On days when getting out of bed seems impossible, our self care abilities are likely to be VERY low. That doesn’t mean that they should be zero… Allowing others a role in our self care on these days can be the most important. Using a checklist can be a helpful way to monitor the basics e.g. drinking water regularly, or … Read More

Stormy Days Planner

These resources and posts are for the worst days, the ones where you worry you may not make it through, when self care is no longer a nicety but a life or death. Those days. You are not alone. It’s always best to be prepared for storms, we never know when they might come, but you do sometimes have a … Read More

Endings and Beginnings

This is the post that ended The Frugal Family, and began my first musing for this website you are on now. I’ve added it just for the history, evolution, of me and my purpose. I can still feel the rawness of these words, they still bring tears. Grief is a long game, a roller coaster of emotions and abilities. Then… … Read More