Stormy Self Care

On days when getting out of bed seems impossible, our self care abilities are likely to be VERY low. That doesn’t mean that they should be zero…

Allowing others a role in our self care on these days can be the most important. Using a checklist can be a helpful way to monitor the basics e.g. drinking water regularly, or keeping clean. Our free download could be stuck on the fridge or a bedroom door for everyone to use as a guide.

On Stormy days, you may struggle to see the ‘point’, in anything really.

This is quite a normal response to grief, and there will be a changing number of days like these. Generally, we hope that they reduce over time. It’s important that you, or someone you trust, is able to manage the severity and regularity of such times.

You may need to seek professional help if you have dangerous or suicidal thoughts. You can check our Sources of Support for contact details.