Stormy Days Planner

These resources and posts are for the worst days, the ones where you worry you may not make it through, when self care is no longer a nicety but a life or death. Those days. You are not alone.

It’s always best to be prepared for storms, we never know when they might come, but you do sometimes have a few warning signs.

Knowing your warning signs, and responding to them is one great way to take care of yourself on the choppy sea of grief.

Predicting Storms

*Sleep deprivation

*Poor personal hygiene, often a reflection of decreasing levels of self care

*Poor nutrition, not getting enough vitamins and nutrients can impact our wellbeing

*Recent contact with toxic people/information

*Tough dates, related to your loved one or festivals and celebrations

*Lack of distraction, over-thinking things, being too focused

Shoe Box Method

I have a shoe box, it is filled with items I find useful for stormy days. You could add photographs, a notebook and pen, a favourite film or a book of artwork or quotes. Whatever floats your boat. Mine also has hand cream, chocolate and a little candle.

If you want to add some more practical items, don’t forget our free contact list, so you have the most important numbers right to hand, and our daily planner which can be used by you, or someone you trust to care for you.