Ecologi Projects

In October 2023 I joined Ecologi. I’ve been donating a percentage of my income each month to an environmentally positive project via their Impact Shop. I liked their way of working, clear evidence of practial projects that actually make a difference and their transparency. I also liked the variety of things I could support.

Each month I’ve had a vote via my Linked In and Facebook pages, so the projects have reflected a nice range of different things. It’s not all trees, although the count for that is pretty good! I have also supported the creation of meadows, improved cookware in Kenya and added renewable energy in Indonesia.

We plant trees with Ecologi

You can get your own account and projects too. It’s used by individuals, families and small businesses. We planted trees at Christmas in lieu of sending cards (I still can’t face them). If you sign up using my link, we both get some trees planted by the lovely team at Ecologi.

Planet Positive

We have a whole section about loving the planet as part of our mission and values. Making sure that a life long passion for the world around us isn’t suddenly ignored or lost at end of life is really important. So many people are unaware, or uninterested, in the minor changes that can make a massive change to the environmental cost of a funeral. This often saves money too.

Choosing a woodland burial for our son was one way we retained our ethics. I have since learned so much that I would do differently. If a very ‘dark green’ person had never considered these things, I imagine those without any great interest in saving the planet wouldn’t have done the research either.

Joining Ecologi is just one way of making sure our values stay at the heart of our business. Do feel free to vote during the last week of each month!