The Rebel Badge Club

I’m the first to admit, I’ve not been taking great care of myself. The Rebel Badge Club has been a refreshing way to focus on me, in short spurts.

I found the Rebel Badge Club quite by accident. A friend online made a passing comment to it when I talked about being motivated by stickers. I’ve come to a place in my life where I can embrace my quirks.


Rather than try to fight it, I now acknowledge that I am highly motivated by external rewards. That’s why I complete NaNo each November, for the certificate.

When I first looked at the book with 52 options, I could only see a few that I felt able to complete. Most seemed far away from my skills and abilities currently. They looked scary, or difficult.

A couple I ‘backdated’, like the Writers Badge. With 20 published books, I felt happy I’d covered that. One or two I thought I could do with minimal energy – which is what I have once work, home, etc is done.

What actually began to happen, was the power of the badge. As I completed a task or two, I ticked it off an appropriate badge; things I was already doing as part of my daily life. Setting a treasure hunt for the kids = Codebreaker Badge, cooking a vegan meal for X = Chef Badge, defrosting the freezer = Adulting Badge.

Suddenly, I had about six badges on the go and felt the euphoria of success, achievement, challenge. I read the book again and identified lots more that I could do. There are also monthly extra badges, quarterly challenges, local meet ups and a Facebook Group.

July was a Health Check, something I desperately needed to do.

Self Care

I’ve been to the optician, dentist and hygenist. I’ve eaten my five a day, drunk water and gone for a walk twice a week (that’s also on the Fitness and Good Habits Badge, doubling up is like a hit of illegal drugs). I feel a bit better about my body, I think I’m healthier too.

The kids have joined in as we tackled the Gardener Badge together, we’ve checked for Cubs badges that match and are ALL doing our Photographer Badges on holiday this Summer.

Rather than hard word, it’s been liberating. I’m very seriously contemplating Wild Swimming. Really.

It’s also been nice to share the success with friends. They have helped me with craft items, links to resources, ideas and equipment. My frugal roots mean I wanted to do as much for free as possible, and I’ve largely achieved that.

Sometimes what we need to help us out of the darkness isn’t light, but love. Self love. As part of the Self Care Badge, I’ve started counselling.

What’s Next?

Charly Lester, the woman behind Rebel Badge Club talks about her own grief as a source of inspiration for the book and badges, I feel on her wavelength.

I’m signed up for the Bronze Award, and now reflecting and asking for ideas for a personal ‘adventure’… watch this space.