Today (5th June) is World Environment Day. The theme for this year is Restoration, and that got me thinking…

Restoration & Nature

The whole month of June is also #30DaysWild in the UK, organised by Wildlife Trusts, so as a family we are very nature focused already. Popping World Environment Day into the first week was a pretty easy win, we decided to restore 5m2 of wildflower meadow via our Ecologi partnership.

97% of wildflower meadows in the UK have disappeared since the 1930’s. They are essential for pollinators and small rodents in particular. They are also breathtakingly beautiful, which should also count for something?

For one of my clients, Woodland Burial Company, we hand out native wildflower seeds whenever possible, sourced from Habitat Aid UK. They make a little something for people to take away after the funeral and perhaps sow at home, or in a special place. Saving our native plants, even the ugly ones is an important part of any ‘green’ mission.

Hopefully, the theme of restoration this year will create a wide spread of impactful acts across the globe. I’m a big fan of awareness days that actually spread information or inspiration. The important thing is that they last longer than one day in our memories and actions.

If you’d like to set up your own Ecologi Forest, or add to ours, it’s a great idea for families, workplaces or community groups. You will even get some free trees to start you off by joining from our page.

Restoration & Grief

I found myself more upset than I expected by the death this week of the amazing Rob Burrow MBE. I felt deeply for his family and young children, as well as his great friend Kevin Sinfield. We love rugby league and they were some of the first players we watched.

Restoration is also about ourselves, I’ve found it a useful word today, not just for nature. Grief is such a powerful and unpredictable force. I’ve never liked terms about ‘moving on’ and ‘moving forward’, but for some reason I can cope with the idea of restoring myself. Planting an inner wildflower meadow, allowing something beautiful to grow, restoring my faith in myself or my abilities.

Restoring elements of our life ‘before’. This is a notion I feel I can work with. I’m classing today as a Cloudy Day, I’m out of sorts and tearful. Don’t forget our FREE resources for any day, some you can just print and use when needed but we also have some longer term journals and diaries if that’s helpful. x