Getting Dressed

It sounds so simple, but getting dressed can be the hardest task in the world some mornings. It’s impossible on Stormy Days, but on a Cloudy Day, this is how I get it done.


I became aware I was not taking care of myself properly, when I noticed the same behaviour in my children. It was an unpleasant realisation, that they copy me – take my lead. In this situation, it was not a good thing.

We were struggling to get them to wash, brush their hair and wear clean clothes. All things I was struggling with too.

Once I joined the dots, it was clear that I would need to make some changes, not because I wanted to get washed and dressed each morning in clean clothes, I still don’t really care. I do care that they do, and so here we are.


So, we found a source of fun dresses, jersey fabric no need to iron and super comfy. They were bright colours and fun patterns, lots of which related to things the kids associate with me. They chose one dress each for me, Lemurs, Books and Tea!

Then we decided on one thing we would add to our morning routine each month, building up to a full self care package. It started with brushing our teeth, then we added brushing our hair, cleanser, moisturiser, lipstick, earrings etc.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve added evening treats. Once a week I have a face pack, or a foot massage too. You’ll also be glad to hear I got My Style Badge(see Rebel Badge post for more info on this). We all enjoy the time together and the results…


It worked! They now think about what to wear, not in a fashion conscious way, as none of us are interested in the latest styles, but we all want to feel good. Feel more ourselves on the outside, while inside can still be a tsunami of chaos.

Getting dressed is still a chore for me, getting up at all is often a challenge. Now I find purpose in it being meaningful to others too. At school my dresses often spark conversations and smiling faces. My counsellor asks whether my dress gives away my feelings – often it does.

Self Care is becoming more possible, and getting dressed was the start.