The Trouble with Annual…

Here are a few reasons I have trouble with annual events, and most especially Christmas. Naturally, not everyone will feel or respond in the same ways. Here’s my penny’s worth. I hope it’s helpful. Christmas Conundrum All ‘special occasions’ can have the same problematic elements. I feel – the more we understand it, the more we can moderate our language … Read More

Grief & Assumptions

This is a rant. It will happen from time to time, a topic sends me into mental overdrive. So, here’s a stream of consciousness about gender, grief and assumptions. Boys & Girls One of the aspects of our son dying, is that we now have all girls. We already had a larger family than average, and people would often comment … Read More

When Food isn’t Food

One of the most practical and physical ways people have supported us is by keeping us fed. At first this was done by family who were staying with us, preparing lunches and dinners many of which were never touched. It was checking we had at least had a drink that day (you can read about our relationship with tea during … Read More

The Worst Thing About ‘Normal’

Lots of people talk about creating a ‘new normal’ or ‘going back to normal’ – these words are not helpful, but they probably are really trying to be. Of course life continues after death for everyone that’s left, even if you want the world to stop it won’t (I know because I’ve tried), time relentlessly continues to pass; hours turn … Read More

The Healing Power of Tea…

Its sounds so flippant doesn’t it, that tea will help any situation. I’ve asked around and it does seem a uniquely British response to a crisis, and that has flowed across the Commonwealth but not beyond that. Other countries might offer a hug or meet a practical need like adding a blanket or offering a tissue, from a drinks perspective … Read More

Endings and Beginnings

This is the post that ended The Frugal Family, and began my first musing for this website you are on now. I’ve added it just for the history, evolution, of me and my purpose. I can still feel the rawness of these words, they still bring tears. Grief is a long game, a roller coaster of emotions and abilities. Then… … Read More